Now Hiring: NLRC Coffee Shop Manager

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NLRC Coffee Shop Manager Job Description   Overview: Looking for an energetic and disciplined barista to operate the Eurasia Coffee & Tea coffee shop inside the Assemblies of God office building. Applicants must be able to craft exceptional coffee while maintaining relationships with a consistent customer base.   Responsibilities: Report directly to the General Manager. […]

Now Hiring: Kitchen Manager

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Kitchen Manager Job Description   Overview: Looking for an experienced culinary professional to manage daily kitchen operations at our Commercial Street location in Springfield.     Responsibilities: – Train and monitor performance of kitchen staff. – Develop and communicate systems & procedures to assure product consistency. – Develop seasonal menu offerings that take advantage of […]

Our Common Cause, Uttam’s Place (& a Mug Design Contest!)

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For our last quarter of 2016, we’ve partnered with Uttam’s Place in Dhaka, Bangladesh, a tutoring center for girls who live in extreme poverty. We’ve written about Uttam’s Place and our visit there in this blog post here, a little while ago. Uttam’s Place employs a long term holistic approach that focuses on extracting girls from physical and […]

Brew Guide: Chemex

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Not only is the Chemex easy on the eyes, it also produces a delicious cup. This iconic brew method was designed in 1941 and has made appearances in the MOMA design collection, many countertops across the world, and the hit sitcom Friends. What sets the Chemex apart is its delicate, tea-like flavor. What you will […]

Autumn Bliss is Back!

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We wait for it all the year long – Autumn Bliss is back on our shelves and in our cups and available for purchase here. With hints of pumpkin, apple, cinnamon & mulled spices, it’s the perfect welcome to fall!

Brew Guide: V60

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The Hario v60 is for the brewer who wants complete control over the extraction of their coffee. The filter used is thinner than most, allowing more of the solubles and oils from the coffee through, creating a velvety cup with a punch. V60’s bring out the bright fruity notes so Kenyan, Costa Rican, and Ethiopian […]

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