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Brew Guide: Chemex

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Not only is the Chemex easy on the eyes, it also produces a delicious cup. This iconic brew method was designed in 1941 and has made appearances in the MOMA design collection, many countertops across the world, and the hit sitcom Friends. What sets the Chemex apart is its delicate, tea-like flavor. What you will […]

Brew Guide: V60

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The Hario v60 is for the brewer who wants complete control over the extraction of their coffee. The filter used is thinner than most, allowing more of the solubles and oils from the coffee through, creating a velvety cup with a punch. V60’s bring out the bright fruity notes so Kenyan, Costa Rican, and Ethiopian […]

Brew Guide: French Press

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The origins of the French Press are a bit hard to trace back, but it seems to have originated in Italy, or it could have been France. We aren’t really sure. The design in it’s simplest form started as a cheesecloth or metal screen attached to a rod and plunged down into a pot of […]

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