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The Bouquet Latte, and other February Things

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Happy Love Month! Every February for the past three years, we’ve collaborated with Ozark Man Flower Truck, an adorable VW flower truck that parks in front of our cafe weekly to create the Bouquet Latte. It’s composed of rosewater, espresso, steamed milk then dusted with edible dried flowers. It’s delicious, delicate and beautiful! This month, […]

The Chicken Tikka Naan’wich

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Last month, we launched a new menu in our cafe featuring an exciting, delicious new signature: the Chicken Tikka Naan’wich. We marinate chicken breasts in whole milk yogurt & Indian spices – the yogurt tenderizes the chicken so delicately and the spices add such depth of flavor. The chicken is grilled and added to warmed […]

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