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Deepika Vocational Center & Home of Hope

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Though Human Trafficking Awareness Month is coming to a close, we wanted to share with you our common cause for January and tell you a little of where you coffee dollars went this month. We’ve been honored to work with Deepika Vocational Center and Home of Hope in India for the past few years as […]

New Year. Fresh Start.

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This time of year is full of so much hope. Some people make resolutions to become healthier, some to serve more and some people resolve to try something new.  We love how each New Year offers so much excitement at the thought of a fresh start. This quarter we are honored to be partnering with […]

New Cause: Support Kyrgyzstan Teen Challenge

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This quarter we are thrilled to introduce you to our very first cause that gives back to change lives through our new tea line! Join us to share the story and spread the hope to change lives at Kyrgyzstan Teen Challenge! Share the story…  Kyrgyzstan Teen Challenge is a faith-based recovery program for alcoholics, drug addicts, […]

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