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The entire team at Eurasia Coffee & Tea would like to thank you for supporting life-changing projects around the world simply by choosing to make your coffee dollars count.  You have played a part in bringing Freedom to women escaping the brothels of Calcutta, India and a Future to young girls born into the poverty cycles of Bangladesh. Hope has been shared in word and deed as individuals and communities have received holistic care and truly experienced the love of Christ.

This month we have been given the opportunity to impact another community in Crimea, Ukraine. Up until a few years ago the Crimean Tartar’s were considered an unreached people group. Today seven churches have been planted in these predominantly Muslim communities. However, these young churches and entire Tartar communities find themselves trapped in the ongoing political turmoil playing out between Russia and the Ukraine. Christians have been drug into the streets and executed. Entire communities are experiencing a water crisis as the public water channels have been shut off in political maneuvering.

However, the leaders of these pioneer churches refuse to see themselves as victims. Instead they are turning crisis into opportunity. Plans are in place to dig a well at each of the seven churches. Overnight they can become the center of their communities. They will meet the physical needs of their neighbors and demonstrate the power of {living} water, the Hope found in Jesus.

Eurasia Coffee & Tea has agreed to sponsor one of these wells at the cost of $10,000. Throughout the month of September 10% of your purchase will go directly towards reaching this goal. So go ahead, indulge in another cup of coffee!  It’s one personal habit that can change the lives of others!


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