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Hello! I’m Justin Beiler and I’m the director of development for Eurasia Café (aka The Coffee Wala). I build things… systems, business plans and coffee shops. I enjoy the challenge of putting the right pieces together. I’ve gotten to where I’m at today due to two life altering events. The first happened at the age […]

Tea Line Progress

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Our very first, and long awaited tea line has been packaged and shipped all the way from Sri Lanka. Our tea arrived in New York City last month, and was being processed by customs in Kansas City, Missouri. Then, it shipped to St. Louis and now it is here! The flavors we will be featuring include: […]

All that is Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men do Nothing

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What does it mean to be a Social Business? I had an economics professor in college whose teaching style drove me crazy. It wasn’t until years later that I would realize the brilliance in which he taught. The class was Managing in Complex Environments and was required curriculum for all freshman business majors. The goal […]

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