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The Great Awakening | AGWM Africa


Purchase the May/June box of The Great Awakening Subscription focusing on AGWM Africa!

Included in the box:

  • 12oz Chi Alpha Coffee (Apostoloi Blend, Ethiopian origin) – Medium Roast (Tasting notes: blueberry, lemon, floral)
  • 12oz AGWM Africa Rwanda Kodukak Single Origin Coffee – Medium Roast (Tasting notes: sweet, creamy, & balanced with notes of citrus and caramel.)
  • Four Inspiration Cards curated by us, Chi Alpha and AGWM Africa t o encourage and inspire you
  • Hand-carved magnet and keychain.

Why AGWM Africa?

A healthy church within walking distance of every person in Africa. Our heart is to see the Gospel shared and for people to have the opportunity to choose to follow Jesus, all around the world. We love the vision of people all over Africa having easy access to the Gospel! We know this resonates with you as well!






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