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Live Dead Sumatra


An intensely flavorful Indonesian coffee with a full body and a rich, dark roast. Sumatra blend. Plus, you have the option to add the Live Dead Arab World Coaster Set for $1 when you purchase Live Dead coffee. Coaster set is $3 originally, so that is a savings of $2!

Your online purchase of Live Dead Sumatra gives back at least 10% to help share spiritual hope through the development of an English language center in Qatar. To learn more about Live Dead Arab World, please visit http://arabworld.live-dead.org.

100% Arabica Coffee


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    This is great coffee

    I order the whole bean and grind it fresh and it delivers better taste than ANY I have tasted from Starbucks,Gevalia, etc. The added feature of contributing to a very worthy cause is just a dollop of whipped cream. Folger’s just ain’t cuttin’ it anymore……lol

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    Exactly what I want from a good Sumatra roast! Great coffee and I get to impact the world before ever leaving the house in the morning… sweet deal!

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