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Project Rescue Coffee


Single-Origin: Monsooned Malabar, India. Tasting notes: Earthy, Salted Nut with an Herbal Finish. Medium Roast.

The story of how Monsoon Malabar came to be is just as unique as the coffee itself. Years ago, when coffee was transported in wooden ships from India to Scandinavian countries the beans were subjected to extreme humidity and heat over the months long voyage. During the 1930’s, when shipping vessels started to improve, the coffee was no longer subject to the extreme weather conditions it once was, and had also lost it’s uniqueness. Thus began the replicating of the monsooning process. Modern day Monsooned Malabar is processed in open side warehouses in the town of Mangalore, which is located on the Malabar coast. During the monsoon season green coffee is spread out on the floor of the warehouses a few inches deep. The coffee is raked and turned over almost every hour of the day and jute fabric is hung over the windows to control the moisture. Since monsooning is such an intensive process, this coffee is as rare as it is unique.

Project Rescue exists to rescue and restore victims of human trafficking and sexual slavery through the love and power of Jesus Christ. They believe that each child has been created by God, they recognize the primary role of the community of faith, and they provide global awareness and opportunities for concerned partners to help bring freedom. God cares about these individuals and we have the opportunity to help them.


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